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MAXX Toilet Cubicles

DISI toilet cubicles have been specialy designed for use for locations such as offices, shops, schools, pubs & clubs, restaurants and leisure facilities and are manufactured with accurate specifications and high quality. Click here to download Broucher


wall cladding - IPS integrated plumbing system. Click here to download Broucher




Strong, smart and appealing lockers and benches for wet & dry use. Solid laminate with aluminum profiles fitted with quality locks are available in a wide range of colors to match any setting. Click here to download Broucher


D & H Frame Doors

Plain door solution with unbeatable combination of water-proof, chemicals resistant. HPL and powder coated aluminum frame. Designed for wet and moist environment. Click here to download Broucher


Stainless Steel Accessories

Providing apt accessories is a norm with us. The choice we offer will not go disregarded by anyone seeking. Click here to download Broucher to have the best.


Nylon Accessories

Set for highest levels of hygiene with the zero tolerance to contamination and bacterial multiplication. Ideal for use in areas with excessive utilization and frequent wet contacts. Click here to download Broucher


H - FRAME DOOR (with out device)

S.S 304 grades hardware with Aluminium Black profile for 12 mm 7 13 mm Toilet Cubicles. Click here to download Broucher


Aluminum Profiles

Choose from two available themes, black to provide a definite contrast to the door panels or match the brilliance of the surroundings with the elegantly polished " brilliant stainless steel finish" profile available EXCLUSVELY with DISI. Click here to download BroucherVELY with DISI.