What is Rasied Access Flooring

Raised access flooring is best described as a “secondary floor system”, creating a service void below its surface which is suitable for housing an almost infinite range of building services and providing easy access for the building’s maintenance and service teams. Electrical, water, gas and telecommunications distribution are regularly housed beneath theraised access floor system. It is also common for the floor void to be used as an air plenum within specialist controlled areas, including computer rooms and data centres. Services can be quickly accessed for maintenance or reconfiguration by the removal of the modular panels at any point within the floor area.

Yesterday’s technology of relying on fixed trunking systems within the floor screed or runningservices within perimeter trunking fixed to the wall are a thing of the past. Raised access flooring now provides the complete footprint of the building as a routing medium for the building’s services.

The cost of the raised access floor is offset by negating the need for other distribution channels and the on-costs associated with service and maintenance are significantly reduced as a result.


The X-floor panel is totally inert and water-proof, Ideally suited to external applications but also to internal ones, where high humidity or water may be present and neither chipboard or calcium sulphate panels would perform adequately.

For this reason X-floor overcomes the limits in its application compared with a conventional raised floor.

Its upper surface can be covered with porcelain tiles, natural and reconstituted stones available in an almost infinite range of colours and textures of high aesthetical impact.

The X-floor panel is generally installed on plastic pedestals for external applications made in polypropylene and composed by an anti-noise and anti-slip rubber head of adjustable height, with a load capacity of more than 1.200 kg/m².


Freefloor – The loose lay solution. Perfect for installation directly onto existing raised access floors. The Freefloor system comprises of a series of loose-lay removable porcelain tiles, which are fully calibrated and rectified and chamfered on a dedicated production line at Newfloor’s production facility in Italy.

The tiles have a dense rubberized backing and are fully edge-banded in plastic. Available as a gravity-lay or magnetic backed product specifically designed for installation on to steel encapsulated raised access flooring.

Ideally suited for use as an overlay to old existing ceramic floors. Alternatively, it is a perfect choice as an overlay to new or existing raised access floor systems. Freefloor can also be installed as a temporary solution to create point of sale areas within retail environments.

Freefloor has:

  • No adhesives or fixings : minimum disruption is caused and the room is ready for use again within hours.
  • No grouting and sealing between the tiles when they are in place.

A commitment to increasing safety in our surroundings motivated Newfloor to research new solutions, including anti-seismic materials. This is a highly relevant topic in our own country, which has recorded significant seismic activity in recent times. In the event of an earthquake, it is critical that raised access flooring must be able to maintain its structural stability.

Four x Four AD is a patented system that guarantees the integrity of raised access flooring during a seismic event, therefore allow ing people to reach the emergency exits and to leave the premises quickly.

The reinforced steel structure consists of supports that are secured to the sub-floor with specialist adhesive. The head of the bespoke pedestal, whose gasket is also glued, is patented with 4 conical hooks that are inserted into the underside of the predrilled floor panel. Each gasket couples with 4 panels, thus achieving the integrated effect of the whole floor whilst maintaining the biggest advantage of raised flooring: immediate access to the plenum where the building services are contained.

This process was designed for raised flooring with a 1.500 kg/m3 ultra high density calcium sulphate core.

Four x Four AD system can also be introduced on standard raised floors (where anti seismic properties are not required) facilitating the self-centring effect of the panels, aligning them with each other and preventing possible lateral movement.


A dry radiating heating system for our well-being.Calidus AD is a patented technological system and a leader in the field of heating designed specifically raised access flooring. It enables the advantages of raised floors to be combined with the advantages of radiating floor heating.

This completely dry system is recommended in all applications where indoor raised flooring can be applied, whether it is a new building or a renovation. It is ideally suited to situations where spot building or a renovation. It is ideally suited to situations where spot inspections are necessary in order to access the systems below whilst guaranteeing heat distribution on the whole surface.

Thanks to continuous research into innovative raw materials and products, Newfloor recommends Calidus AD not as an addition al element but as a finished product that better responds to the al element but as a finished product that better responds to the well-being and comfort needs of the human body, even in non-do mestic environments, drawing attention to the significant energy savings this system can ensure.


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